Depending on who you are, we might start the exploration from different entry points. My method is based on four ways to relate to the world:

Intellectual level – Thoughts – Philosophy – Structures Intuition

Emotional level – Emotions – Creativity – Communication → Heart

Physical level – Body – Movement – Leadership → Gut feeling

Social level – Community – Co-creation – Relations → Synchronicities

For most people one or two of these are dominant, whereas in some cases there is more of a balance between them. Having worked extensively with all of these facets of the human experience, you can expect to be mirrored through any and all of them.

Indeed, as we are whole humans, all of these aspects are important, and bringing them into harmony is a prerequisite to maintain and balance higher levels of consciousness.

Clear structures

The first step in working with structures is to become aware of them. Next, they can be more closely examined in order to ascertain whether they help – or obstruct you. Sometimes structures are old habits that served a purpose at one point, but that no longer do so.

Together we shed light on the structures that affect you, showing you how to best relate to them. Perhaps we will find new structures that support you and who you are today.

This opens up to your intuition and vision.

Good relations

Relations are such a fundamental part of who we are both as humans and as mammals. That's how deep it runs. It's in our DNA. Our brains are wired to relate. Indeed, our relations are arguably the most important parts of our lives. However, our early childhood experiences almost always include some form of trauma, which limits are ability to relate to others. This affects us in many ways.

By employing new ways to relate, we uncover past hurts, start healing and thereby open up for real and meaningful relations that are not merely repetitions of past patterns. This opens up for synchronicities.

Sustainable leadership

In order to lead others you must first know how to lead yourself. And to do so you must first know yourself. My method for self-knowledge has a holistic approach that includes the mind, the emotions, the body, our social skills and that which is bigger than all of us.

When you are in tune with yourself, you can trust your instincts to lead you where you want to do – following your gut.

Powerful communication

By communicating from a place of authenticity our words acquire exceptional power. This is connecting to being truthful, as there is a certain resonance that happens when what we say is true. In order to do so we need to be honest, also when this is difficult.

The other part of communication is how to communicate. When we speak from the heart we express ourselves in non-hurtful ways that support and are constructive. So listen!

The big picture

We are all part of something bigger, on many different levels. This is actually an integrated aspect of who we are and strictly necessary for our survival in various ways. However, hits can easily be overlooked, going into tunnel vision, loosing sight of the big picture.

By raising our vision, opening the perspectives and taking in how things are connected, we start to see things in more complete and effective ways. This can include understanding such basic things as how quality trumps quantity, that co-creation goes further than competition or that our world is changing in front of our eyes. Or it can be more complex matters like the relations between different strata of reality: individual, family, tribe, society and the universe.