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Christopher Sigmond

Called by some a Renaissance Person, and creator of the concept Playosophy, I am a travel companion successful people, who have started to realize that life is about more than external validation, and who thus want to know themselves better. The work that I do today is thoroughly grounded through my own inner personal journey of 40+ years of repetitively falling and getting up again:

Growing up in an intellectually stimulating and emotionally debilitating environment, I learned very early to listen and understand, without paying much attention to my emotions. This lead to my first depression at age 15. At age 21, while in India, and with the help of psychedelics, I finally came out of the depression. This lasted for 4 of the most extraordinary years of my life. However, psychedelics are not all fun and frolics, and after four years I made a choice to incarnate fully and start cleaning the house thorougly, seeing as I hadn't really done so before, but rather enjoyed the temporary relief of a spiritual bypass.

Now, as it is with these things, this choice lead to a second, much longer, depression. Over 20 years of very serious inner work later, together with over ten years of academic studies in philosophy, law, railway engineering, music, leadership, languages, as well as many years of work experience in these fields, I have now finally returned to the present moment – which in truth is all there is.

With this background, I am now offering calm presence to others, thereby facilitating their inner journeys. Having gone through hell and high water so many times myself, I am today both more vulnerable and more resilient than ever, which makes me a good person to talk to. Since I dare to be present with more or less anything, people feel seen, heard, accepted and respected.

I have been a member of Mensa twice. Both times I left because I didn't feel at home in an environment that leans too heavily toward an intellectual approach to life, at the expense of a more holistic one. I have also travelled a lot and lived in different parts of the world, I am an avid dancer, workshop leader and a professional musician.

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My vision is a world where all people are healthy, creative, present and free to create the life that they want.


My mission is to usher in a new renaissance by working with and teaching techniques that help people to be harmonious and multifaceted human beings.

Presence, clarity and quality – for people who dare count to three

My work can be recognized by deep presence, strong clarity and high quality – or in the words of Plato: the Beautiful, the True, and the Good.

About SiriusSounds

SiriusSounds was founded by Christopher Sigmond in 1998.

Ever since, the company has been offering Christopher's services in communication, relations and creativity in one way or the other.

Today we help affluent, influential, successful people – who (have started to) realize that life is about more than external validation – to know themselves better.

In order to do that Christopher is a travel companions on the inner journey.