Travelling again

Like the tributaries
Many things have converged

This video was made and published
When I entered a new phase

Returning to both war and grind
Exploring how the waters shine

At last I am travelling again
Alas, I am travelling again


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She said

— What do you do, she said.

— I do 7 things, I replied. I have two children. I study railway engineering. I have a wife. I make music. And I have three jobs.

— So, what do you do?

— I live here, she said.

So cool.

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I Amsterdam

A new city that I arrive in without any real expectations. Like Berlin, but not so much punk. This is the City of Anarchy. How could I not love it?

Reminds me of San Francisco and Cape Town — two cities that I love. Perhaps partly because of the multiplicity of ethnicity present, but much more so it is about the vibe. The laid back attitude to living and being.

If I were to chose a city of my dreams — it might very well be Amsterdam.

Of course not everything is perfect. But then dreaming isn’t about perfection. It’s about jumping into the unknown and embracing the wind and letting them carrying you higher and higher and higher.

I Amsterdam.

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Some things cannot be stressed

When this blog began I was writing almost every day. I was inspired. Others were supportive. I had ‘wind in my sails’.

Then I quite my job, moved to another city and started studying. All three were my choices, and had to do with fulfilling a childhood dream. So, this project slowed down. A few more songs were released, but then it went into hibernation.

Still, it has been there. Like a dream within a dream. When one awakens the dream is still there.

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Say no

Sometimes the most creative thing to say — is no.

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Say yes

One of the basic concepts in improvised theatre is to say yes to ideas. No judgment, just trust in the creative flow.

Today I had a meeting about something that I wasn’t too sure about, but I went there anyway, keeping an open mind. And interestingly enough what I gathered from the meeting turned out to be much more than what the appointment was for in the first place.

In fact, going with the flow and seeing what happens can often give birth to new and unexpected turns.

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Moving between the worlds

How is it that we can move between worlds?

For the dream to begin we must pass through the veil of nothingness; the curtain of oblivion; the intoxicating guardian. Few pass the test and remain conscious of this transition. So often does the trip begin anew and so rarely do we recall that it’s just a trip until we’re in the middle of it; until we’re at the end of it; until we are back home on the shores of familiarity.

Yet, we dream about dreaming. It’s true, brother, dreaming is a hologrammatic experience. While delving deeper, the process is encompassed by the ambition. Wanting that which would stop our wanting, but sometimes grasping ourselves in the process.

Tonight I will make the journey between one world and another; the veil grows thinner; the darkness makes the light more apparent; the swiftness of movement provides a backdrop of stillness for this moebius  strip of everchanging awareness.

Words that can seem out of order; baffling; confusing even. Yet, the words are but pointers.

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Being the Dream

When I started this project it was about learning of dreams. In the beginning I wrote a lot, but along the way something happened. I changed my life from a menial monotonous job to studying something that really interests me. It’s been a year and a half of studies, and I’m enjoying it.

Presently I am in India on a scholarship to study the railways here and prepare for my thesis. This, also, has been a dream of mine, and now it is real.

Along the way, both in life and on this trip, I have met a lot of lovely people. And to some degree all that has come because I dared to make a change and go after my dreams.

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I don’t like the olympics. Nor any other competition where one person is singled out as the winner, leaving everyone else a loser. What kind of a pasttime is that? I’d rather engage in something where cooperation makes us all winners.

To me any competition where everyone playing wants the same prize is a sign of mental illness. Obviously, everyone except one will be disappointed. But more so, the person who wins might also be quite disappointed once the rush of “winning” settles down.

In fact, the only way to really win such a game is by not playing. Then can there be peace of mind, watching the rat race and calling it for what it is.

There is a common mental disorder today that makes people desire that which is scarce. The more scarce something is — the more it is coveted. Gold is a good example. Interestingly enough, this hasn’t always been the case. In ancient Egypt, silver was even more rare than gold, and was thus considered more beautiful.

Now, I am not saying that the opposite would be a better way — that everyone coveted that which is abundant. In fact, that would be just as bad.

No, rather, see the desire itself as something that is not desirable. It will not bring you happiness. It will seem that way, true, but eventually it is but a chimera — something imagined.

I dream of a world where people make the effort to find out their true wishes and dare follow them. Who can honestly say that his or her true wish is to win win win. To be the best. What could that possibly mean to the soul?




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In disguise

Hearing a band playing I felt inspired to check out their website. It turns out they were looking for a bass player. After careful consideration I decided to give them a call, and as it turns out the gig I saw was the first with their new bass player.

However, when I considered joining the band it became clear to me that I want to be in a band again. Possibly as bass player. Or lead singer. Maybe both.

And, after more than a year with this project, that is how the dreams present themselves to me: Dreams in disguise.

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